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2008-06-12 - 11:54 a.m.

Which one's your favorite???

I nominate the Jonas in the middle as the one most likely to peak early and slide into a horrifying, crime-ridden decline, and then release a redemptive, well-written come-back album in 2018.

I think the Jonas Brother with the sideburns will have a lengthier but more mediocre career.

I have no opinion about the remaining Jonas.

I want to take an expensive nap.

Note to self--Two parallel universes I'd like to visit:

  • The one where all registered voters entered a pool where they could be called up at any time to appear on Jeopardy

  • The one where women all got really drunk before they gave birth, and stayed drunk throughout the delivery, and all the doctors, midwives and attendants did, too.

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