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2008-06-19 - 12:58 p.m.

I was prepared to be bored by the new Hold Steady album: fourth album in five years, lots of touring, not enough time to come up with anything new....


The old HS classic-rock signifiers are in place, but the album shows off some cool new twists and turns, including balladry (sung, not song-spieled), proggy melodies, waltzy tempos, harpsichords!

But they are still makin' with the rock anthems, like the excellent title track and this song, which is currently my favorite.

This Posies tribute album with the very, very cheesy cover, is purty good, too, with decent, well-produced covers by fans and solo members of the band itself. 45 tracks!

How are you celebrating saka dawa? And why can't I find a direct link to it anywhere, not even then grand Wiki?

Neologism for this week: what do you call it when you hear a piece of music, and it suggests a scene from a movie?


(OK, I hate explaining a joke, but you may not have heard of the term "synesthesia")

These short stories have been deemed the "best online stories of 2007."

I wasn't that crazy about any of them, but I am glad that people are still writing short stories, and that other people are reading them.

Do you know why I love Josephine Tey?

Because sometimes it takes her nineteen chapters to even get to the word "murder," and after those nineteen chapters of feather-stroke characterization, sparkling dialogue, lush descriptions, you say, "Oh, right--this is supposed to be a mystery."

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