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2008-07-01 - 1:50 p.m.

Are you having the best summer of your life? Tell me!!

I am sorry I have not been bfobbing with satisfying frequency.

For one thing, I am busy with work and summer yarn bugs. Also, in my arts-consuming, I am revisiting a lot of old stuff that I've already recommended, or upon which I've opined.

(Although it bears repeating that I could eat Edy's Sugar Free Ice Bars at every meal and not get tired of them.)

I like this Ron Franklin fella (frankly, Franklin, I like almost everything that Alive puts out, including those two Swell Maps rarities/reissues collections).

I have some gigs coming up! More about that in a bit.

And I have one new song that I keep trying to record on my wee laptop, with frustrating technical difficulties.

And I have been having a real yoga renaissance lately, and have considered adding to the noise of the interloobs with yet another yoga blog (tentative title: "All Hopped Up on Prana") but I have to sleep on that one.

I have come up with a slogan for my neighborhood: "Bay Ridge: where ladies 21 and over drink for free."

That's all the news for now! Tell me (us) about you. What do you think about these extraordinary uses for lemons? What do you know more about than you did 2 weeks ago? (My answer: Latter Day Saints music as a subset of CCM)

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