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2008-07-06 - 9:24 p.m.

Pixar + Robots = guaranteed hit at IHoP HQ.

So, yeah, I liked Wall-E a bunch (and the brilliant short that preceded it).

The animation is breathtaking--even though much of it depicts the desolation of a people-free Earth, buried under heaps of garbage. The love story element is simple, goofy, and sweet, intertwined with a message about over-consumption, and at least one good joke about sporks.

I was also pleased that the score is by Thomas Newman, not his cousin. (I worship Randy Newman, but uniformly hate his movie songs). The theme song, "Down to Earth," while not a classic, is a decent, uplifting song featuring lyrics and vocals by Peter Gabriel.

And there is a show!

Tom Warnick's record release party is happening Friday (July 11) at the Parkside.

I will be playing with my band, the Invisible Paw (Ross, Andy, Tom), at 7:15, followed by the Fumes at 8:00, and Tom at 9:00.

We will play one brand new song, one recent and still wet-behind-the-ears song, and I may get my hair cut before Friday!

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