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2008-07-14 - 12:14 p.m.

This blog post on hipsters is the closest approximation of how I feel when I’m in Williamsburg, and I like that it doesn’t just lapse into easy demographic bigotry. It really bugs me when people hurl invective about “hipsters,” “yuppies,” and other epithets of inverse snobbery, without trying to get at why these people bother them.

It is well-timed, too, because I was thinking about all of this yesterday, as I walked through Wmsbrg, killing time before meeting a friend for lunch.

I noticed that within minutes of stepping off the L train, I became agitated. I tried to articulate my angst, and what I came up with is that being in any homogeneous group of people feels dehumanizing to me. It makes me feel like a pigeon in a huge, impersonal flock, where individuals seem replaceable and ordinary.

It may or may not be the demographic itself that's objectionable--I often feel that way, for instance, walking amongst Park Slope's stroller-derby milieu. It's just the relentless sameness that feels unnatural and primordially unsettling.

As soon as I was back in Manhattan, I could breathe freely again, amongst the family of man. Diversity, aside from being a nice social ideal, seems to be the natural order of things, at least in terms of psychological health. Maybe it hearkens to The Tribe, and knowing one’s place therein.

Friday night was fun.

There was confetti...


...there were women in beards...


....a decent turnout...


....good rockin’...

World's Fair

I-Paw 3

...and at a post-show diner, the found wisdom of a lost Post-It note...

Note to self

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