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2008-07-17 - 10:59 a.m.

I fear I may have blogged about this already, but I recently heard a Suzanne Vega song that stuck in my head, so she's on my mind this morning.

Vega is one of those people who has written about five songs that I like, but I am so bowled over by those five songs that I completely forgive her for all the other missteps--the dull albums, the over-production, the many times she strays into preciousness, the NPR-ness of her vibe.

Plus, she really is a unique creation...I appreciate that when she first came on the scene she was this androgynous frail/tough/smart persona in the big hair/video bimbo era, and in interviews she always comes across as thoughtful and well-spoken.

This video below is atrocious, but I consider the song itself to be one the classic songs of our day--brilliant lyrics, infectious and interesting melody and chord changes, and sung in a beautiful, plain, plaintive voice.

When I heard it, I wondered if there are younger people who, afraid of folk music, may not know this song, or if it is part of the American pop canon?

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