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2008-07-25 - 8:11 a.m.

You know who doesn't update her blog enough?


Just one more endearing Bay Ridge story to add to the collection.

I have a friend in the banking industry who introduced me to the term "soft circle."

(Attempts to Google the phrase for its etymology only produce results about this electronica guy.)

The "soft circle" has changed my life

Apparently, in the business world, when you "soft circle" something, it means you tentatively--ever so gently--on wee cat's paws--make a very vague plan to do something, with the idea that the plan can change at any moment, with no guilt or blame for any of the dissenting parties.

I have been waiting all my life for such a system! If I had to sketch my cosmology, it would resemble an infinite number of concentric soft circles. "Maybe I'll do this, but maybe I'll do that. Perhaps I will do/wear/eat/perpetrate/be this thing, but then again...!"

I love the endless possibilities of the "soft circle" in this ostensibly finite and boxy world. I also like that it sounds like a Curt Boettcher sunshine-pop project.

Here is a nice video from Spinto Band:

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