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2008-07-28 - 11:04 a.m.

Some pressing questions from the world of primates...

  • "...Do monkeys understand money?"

    Hey, I don't understand money, so good luck, chimps.

    Also: I know they were shooting for the money/monkey alliteration, but just need to point out that chimps--who don't have tails--are not "monkeys."

  • "Do monkeys care about other monkeys?"

    Answer: maybe.

  • "How are the orangutans doing?"

    Not well.

  • "How about the show-biz orangutans?"

    Faring slightly better.

  • "That movie Space Chimps--is it any good?"

    It's getting some mixed reviews

    And from the world of humans, Greg Palast once again gets delightfully het-up:

    "...Because the only way to get the vote-chewing cockroaches out of the voting machinery is to turn on the lights--tell the truth on them. On prime time...."

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