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2008-08-10 - 7:01 p.m.

Tracked some songs over the weekend...

The fellows


Corridor of blankets


...which ones? Who can remember, we were so coked up, and then Andy ate a broccoli omelette off the chest of a prostitute (decadent--but nutritious) and when I woke up, I had vague memories of some kinda hermit crab sacrifice.

I am happy with the tracks we got--my only worry is that the working title which I now cannot shake (Open on Sunday) combined with lyrics that explore various facets of faith/doubt, among other things, is gonna make people think I'm a Christian Contemporary artist or something. Will need to work on this.

BSG crying tally:

So far, I've gotten weepy any time President Roslin makes some tough decision based on newish and hard-won wisdom, or when Cmdr Adama displays grudging fatherly tenderness toward his semi-estranged son, or when Starbuck kicks ass in any capacity. It is a surprisingly touching show, in addition to being stupidly fun.

It is a blog about the Dewey Decimal system!

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