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2008-08-25 - 12:50 p.m.

My favorite Sen. Biden-related memory is this very incident from Jeopardy--in fact, every time I have heard the name "Joe Biden" in the (many) years since, my mind completes the thought as "Joe 'Xerox' Biden."

A little googling reveals that the contestant on Jeopardy who wrote that answer is none other than a head writer on the Daily Show (if that blog comment is to be believed). (Although I'm pretty sure it was a College Challenge and not Teen Jeopardy)

I'm not sure what this anecdote reveals about me personally, but it does indicate that trivia, while remaining trivial, can take on cultural textures and layers that we can't always predict.

Like a good blogger, I carry my camera where'er I go, but then I get too involved in what I'm doing to remember to take photos.

I wish I'd remembered to whip out the Samsung at the party I went to on Saturday--a rosť wine fest, featuring that most beautiful of liquids.

My favorite was the Crios rosť of Malbec (hereís a pretty accurate review of it.)

A little too cutesy at times (think Jane Wiedlinís id unleashed), but capable of hooks and interesting sounds, I give you Obi Best. This may already be a hit in the rumored world that "exists" outside my plastic bubble.

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