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2008-08-26 - 2:39 p.m.

It's interesting how you can repress all memories of an artist's music until the mere mention of an album title and whooooosh it all comes back to you.

Such is the case with the late John Stewart (he passed away earlier this year), whose music I've absorbed plenty of by virtue of having listened to WNEW-FM non-stop as an impressionable pre-adolescent.

Stewart's album Bombs Away Dream Babies was in heavy rotation on that station in the late '70s, in particular the single "Gold."

But I had forgotten about him completely until stumbling over an old review of that album today, which also mentioned his California Bloodlines record (something of a cult classic now)...and the fact that he wrote "Daydream Believer," and was in the Kingston Trio.

The video for "Gold," linked above, is like a visual handbook for how to drive a kid into the arms of punk rock--lyrics about showbiz disillusionment, discofied white suit and tinted glasses, smirking LA rock star posturing, Stevie Nicks...but it's a decent song.

So now Iím intrigued anew.

Here's Dave Alvin singing "California Bloodlines."

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