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2008-08-29 - 1:00 p.m.

He's already got my vote, and I don't put a lot of stock in being a good public speaker (just be a good president), but I admit I got caught up in the fervor of that speech, even as I was simultaneously resisting the cult-like atmosphere in the room where I was a-watchin' (the front room of the Parkside, after Dan Kilian's lovely show). Well done.

Tell No One is a rippin' good thriller, with little tasteful touches that remind you that you're watching a French film and not a Harrison Ford vehicle.

I shall reveal nothing of the plot, but one interesting surprise for me: Throughout the movie, I kept thinking, "That actress looks a lot like Kristin Scott Thomas...." And hey, it turns out to be her, makin' with the French talk.

Things you might do today while pretending to work on the Friday before a long weekend:

  • Buy a Moon Dust Pen!

  • Read up on the Andrea Doria ocean liner disaster

  • Explore the ridiculous amount of music-related links here

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