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2008-09-24 - 12:03 a.m.

The history of the band Iced Earth, as recounted by wiki, is quite the epic heavy metal tale, including enforced singing lessons, cops, firings, and all kinds of excitement!

I imagine they arrived at their name while all hopped up on Frappuchinos:

"I wish I had an iced coffee that was really gigantic, like as big as a house!"

"A house, dude--how about as big as a planet? Like an Iced EARTH??"

Today's Yoga Moment is a sad one.

I only found out today that the gifted and revered Iyengar teacher Mary Dunn passed away earlier this month.

The last few entries on her blog are really touching. I hope I feel as much contentment, and carry myself with as much grace when it's my time to go.

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