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2008-09-26 - 11:47 a.m.

Friday flotsam:

  • I have just discovered Dory Previn and my life might never be the same.

  • My primate loyalties shift from week to week, but lately I have a thing for Pongo pygmaeus.

  • Now in his 70s, Andre Williams is way more punk rock than you or your little brother. His lyrics are not for the faint of heart, but I never listen to lyrics anywaze.

  • I dunno if it's due to the rehaul or what, but my MySpace page reports over 1,700 plays yesterday. When the numbers cooperate with my ego in such a nice way, who can complain about the bugs?

  • My yoga moment series has fallen rapidly apart due to my work schedule and other pressing concerns. So today's nod to Yoga Month is simply to say: "Yoga is nice. It saved my life. Your mileage may vary."

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