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2008-11-28 - 11:32 a.m.

This brief blog post not only confirms the bizarre New York City Thanksgiving ritual that my mom used to tell me about, from when she was a kid, but it also explains the origin of Bay Ridge's "ragamuffin parade."

Love as a spiritual practice.

The Columbo DVDs that I've been watching on a semi-regular schedule these past few years will occasionally have a bonus episode of Mrs Columbo, a show I remember loving as a kid.

Seeing it now, it strikes me as one of the worst shows ever, if only in the "improbable spinoff" category.

But one interesting thing about it is that the little girl who plays Mrs Columbo's daughter is none other than the violinist Lili Haydn.

And reading about Lili Haydn made me curious about Quinn Cummings, the horribly precocious child actress of the same era.

Turns out she has a pretty amusing blog, and is also the inventor of this baby-carrying contraption.

I ask you, what did people do--how did we live--before the Internet??

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