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2008-12-06 - 12:04 p.m.

These photos of Helen Keller are haunting...

The movie Hancock? Really dopey.

Uh-oh! The Agatha Christie addiction has once again got me in its grasp. However, I gotta say Pale Horse is a bit of a departure for her. Written in '61, it features beatnik-y characters (although unlike Lawrence Block she, thankfully, does not try to reproduce their hep talk), and she takes off on these thoughtful and rather poetic reveries about modern life and its pesterments and small tragedies. Nice stuff.

I am spending some quality time this weekend with the Pitchfork 500 book, and not hating it as much as I feared. More later...

The genius(es) at Doubtful Palace have gathered all their Holiday music into one convenient spot. Don't miss the new classic "Linus & Lucifer."

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