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2008-12-12 - 10:54 a.m.

I'm no Luddite when it comes to music technology. I've fully embraced Pro-Tools, downloading MP3s, MySpace, etc.

But when it comes to other people's recordings, I don't want the seams to show. I know how a record gets made, but I still want the mystique and razzle-dazzle, the completed product tied up in a bow, not the behind the scenes "making-of" stuff.

That's why this post about "social objects"--which starts out sounding tongue-in-cheek but isn't--soured my stomach a little as I sipped my morning gin and tonic.

Rockstars, I don't need you to be just like me, or show me how you do what you do. Just be magical, and fulfill your side of the contract.

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