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2008-12-18 - 11:43 a.m.

Revenge of the monkeys!!

My new favorite Catholics: Norbertines!

Band name I won't be using, so you can have it: "Venti Poobah"

A while back I mentioned a book called Eunoia

On Tuesday, I got the book from the library (although, goodness gracious, looks like you can read the whole book online!) and coincidentally received in the mail the exciting Arnade Family alliterative haiku newsletter. Both are examples of how a tight stylistic collar can produce some really cool work.

I was expecting the Bok book to be a snooze, but it is compellingly readable, lush prose poetry.

And here is my first attempt at an alliterative haiku. Try it at home!!

Holiday hoo-ha,
"Ho-ho-ho" hoo-huffery!
Hams, hacks, hapless hostesses?

No, not now nor nigh-on.
Newsletters notwithstanding:
No nog nor nativity.

I have also been revisiting Los Hernandez Bros. via their new-ish release, The Education of Hopey Glass. It's nice to be back in touch with the Hoppers 13 crowd...

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