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2008-12-23 - 1:59 p.m.

I am not prepared to offer my "Best Movies of 2008" list until I see a couple more flicks, but here are some more listy items of things that meant a lot to my everyday well-being.

Things I Consumed A Lot of in 2008:

  • Oh my god how I love these Veggie Crisps. I have no illusions that they are healthy, but they aren't greasy at least, thereby necessitating fewer hand-washing jaunts than regular chips.

  • I love wine, but, luckily, have the palate of a teenage shoplifter, so I can get away with drinking Yellow Tail. (It's "approachable" according to the website.) I like how each of the varietals tastes pretty much like the others, but the color of the label is different. "Iíll buy the purple one this time."

    Blogs and Other Web Joints I Loved in 2008

    (Again the disclaimer that I don't rank my friends' sites, but rest assured your blogs give me happiness every day!)

  • Mostly cuz o' work, I read all the usual music blogs (although of the most-trafficked, Idolator is the one I actually enjoy), and a couple of off-menu ones, including Ye Wei Blog, written by an editor of another good site, Perfect Sound Forever

  • For a fun cross-section of dharma wisdom and pop culture, there's The Worst Horse

  • The uniformly excellent Onion A.V. Club is a triple threat: good reliable coverage of music, film, and books.

  • I've already expressed my love for Ephemeral New York, but it bears repeating. I love a well-researched, photo-heavy blog, and I love local history.

  • I rarely read the print version anymore, but the National Geographic website is a near-daily read.

  • She won me over with an honest and vulnerable article in Yoga Journal about her fear of hand-stands, and Iíve since enjoyed the blog of Dayna Macy

  • Ostensibly a blog for men, Male Pattern Fitness is well-written, motivating, and its author has a pleasingly utilitarian and no-gimmmick approach to fitness that I like. He also finds the NY Times health section as annoying as I do.

  • I try (and succeed, like 80% of the time, I think) to maintain a positive outlook no matter what is going on in the world. I appreciate that the writers and editors of Ode Magazine are coming from the same place.

  • At the height of my B-Star-G obsession, I checked in frequently with Galactica Sitrep, and intend to come back as soon as the DVDs for Season 4 are available!


    I didn't read a heck of a lot of 2008 books, but Marshall Klimasewiski's short story collection really impressed me, and Graham Rawle's Woman's World was cool in the category of "best ransom-note novel."

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