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2008-12-31 - 10:42 p.m.

With only two hours of 2008 left, I thought I'd post my fave movies of the year before letting go and moving on...

I missed several films this year that I'm sure I will love (Netflix!), but here's the cream of the crop from what I did see, in no real order:

In Bruges takes the cliched indie-movie trope of sensitive, pensive hitmen and makes it kinda funny again, if not believable. Playwright Martin McDonough's unique wit slaloms between melodrama and comedy, with touches of surrealism.

Shine a Light made me love the Stones again.

Girls Rock! made me love everyone again.

Reprise accurately captures the excitement of writing, and passionate friendships.

My Winnipeg is funny, touching, and creepy in equal measure.

Wall-E is just stunning to look at.

Tell No One is a captivating thriller whose characters behave like real people.

The Pool is achingly sweet yet unsentimental, and the Indian countryside and small town scenes are lovely to behold.

I've Loved You So Long falls apart a little at the end, but for the most part is quietly astonishing. Kristen Scott Thomas's performance is restrained and perfect.

Man on Wire is essentially a real-life heist flick, with a French mime on a tightrope.

Honorable mention to Rachel Getting Married and A Christmas Tale, two kinda similar films that I felt intimately involved with while watching, even though I didn't think they were good films; Let the Right One In which I admired more than I enjoyed; Be Kind Rewind, which was just kinda sweet and goofy; Baby Mama, which I thought was much better than the reviews would indicate.

Some other tidbits to wrap up the year:

  • Come eat with me in Bay Ridge!

  • This Beliefnet Quiz pegged me pretty accurately (Neo-Pagan/Unitarian Universalist/Buddhist)--what kind of believer (or not) are you?

  • Some of you will be entertained by this farting gorilla story. Brussels sprouts apologists may take umbrage.

  • "...He who jumps into the void, owes no explanation to those who stand and watch..."

    --Jean Luc Godard (supposedly--I never believe Internet attributions)

    2008 was an interesting, change-filled year, but my own life was a little pokey, and I would like to do a little more void-jumpin' this year! That is my public resolution.

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