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2009-01-07 - 1:33 p.m.

Spirit and Opportunity
five years roving
craters and pixie dust
away from here

A joke!

Q. Where do young web programmers go in the summer?

A. Concatenation Camp.

A show!

Saw Okkervil River at my favorite Brooklyn venue last night--a wonderful time, and for a casual fan like myself, a bit of a surprise. I had assumed that Will Sheff would be a shy boy, but he is a very engaged and cutely hammy front person, selling songs like Liza Minelli at a cattle auction. The set was a well-constructed tour of all three albums and volume settings (quiet, rockin', and arena-rockin').

I've only just gotten around to listening to the latest album, so its songs are not yet under my skin, but here's my second favorite from last year's...(just noticed that the video is directed by Margaret Brown)...

And my first favorite:

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