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2009-01-15 - 12:54 p.m.

Playing catch up with the Zeitgeist, from most recent to most belated:


I guess I am the last sentient being in this star system to have heard Santogold's debut, and it is better and more interesting than I'd originally suspected, based on limited data.

One of my favorite qualities in an artist is eclecticism--as long as it seems like evidence of a curious and dissatisfied inner wraith and not just some cynical game of dress-up to seduce as many buyers as possible. And though I can do without about 1/3 of the tracks here, as a whole this is a pretty cool and varied effort.


I am finally getting around to Michael Chabon's Yiddish Policemen's Union, which has been slouching dejectedly on my bookshelf for a year and a half. It is as great, so far, as you'd expect from Chabon--a mystery/noir/fantasy set in the fictional Alaskan Jewish diaspora .


I tend to shy away from smart-people music (i.e. songs that you can't jog to), so it's not surprising that I passed on Architecture in Helsinki back when they were making a big noise.

It's not the music of my soul, but their In Case We Die album is just awesome--prog-rock for the Facebook generation, or Sparks with more members, or Mercury Rev without quite as many hooks.

The Late '90s

I made it all the way to 2008 without ever having seen an episode of Buffy, thinking it would have nothing to offer me (demons? vampires? Eh.)

Plus, aside from Rushmore, I like to avoid movies and TV shows set in high school, because high school...bllaaarggh!

I was finally persuaded to give the Slayer a chance, and I am now up to Season 3 and enjoying it greatly.

For one thing, I'd only known David Boreanaz as the terribly hammy and awkward actor from Bones, and I was shocked to discover that, as the brooding vampire love interest Angel, he is pretty compelling (er, except when he has to do an accent). I guess there is a perfect role for every actor.

Secondly, it's got Spike! Enough said. (And he can do an accent.)

Nextly, it's fun and funny escapist fare, and I'm not quite post-modern enough to be unmoved by powerful and sympathetic heroes who battle for good, all the while making wisecracks.

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