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2009-01-27 - 4:28 p.m.

Compare the cover art, title, and if you can still download the clips, actual sound of 1910 Fruitgum Co's 1969 album Hard Ride with their 100% genre-defining bubblegum aesthetic from just a calendar year before. The quickest about-face in pop music history?

The album is not as bad as I feared. Sure, there's a bit of sitar-and-tabla, some arch and trippy lyrics, but the song "The Train" actually rocks, in a Creedence vein.

The boys and I will be playing a casual set at Freddy's on Thursday, January 29 at 9:00, followed by the enticing sepia-toned chamber-jazz of the Magpie at 10:00.

How casual? Most likely I'll be standing there with a guitar, and instead of singing or playing I'll just kinda describe how the songs go. Ross will be thumbing through Readers Digest and Tom will be fondling his Kindle. Andy, just back from India, will be levitating...without the use of beer.

The info!

Freddy's Bar and Stately Pleasure Grill
Dean Street/6th Ave, Brooklyn

9:00 PM Paula Carino and Mr. Persistence (Ross Bonadonna guitar, Tom Pope drums, Andy Mattina, bass)

10:00 PM The Magpie (featuring David Benjoya!)

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