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2009-02-13 - 8:51 a.m.

This may be the longest blog-silence in the 5+ years I've operated this thing. Jet-lag, post-vacation malaise, and playing catch-up at work have made me unfit for much of anything besides staring off into space and re-re-reordering my Netflix queue.

Some things, though:

  • The soon-to-be-unleashed Robyn Hitchcock album (streaming at that link) is so swell. I tend to be uncritical with RH--the only album of his in the past 10 years that I've actively disliked has been Luxor--but this is truly a fantastic recording. It seems like he was putting himself into it 100%

  • Kassin +2 have some new tracks up at their MySpace page: good stuff

  • And so does James Blackshaw, who is coming to Poisson Rouge in March, yay.

    Happy Friday the 13th--more later!

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