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2009-02-17 - 1:17 p.m.

Good band name: "Skeleteen"!

Steve Kilbey has a newish album out (you can hear most of it here). It's pretty good--a little more dense and tangled than his usual atmospherics.

Perhaps I'm the last blogger in the world to know this, but I just found out that "reCaptcha" not only provides security but also digitizes text for books and manuscripts. Nice. Every time you leave a comment here, you are doing data entry!

The big news story over the weekend at the primate water-cooler was the discovery of the "big genome blowup" that set the stage for the separate evolution of chimps, humans, and other great apes (away from each other and from monkeys).

What I want to know is if we'll ever be able to look at a species' genetic makeup and predict where that creature is headed...

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