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2009-02-19 - 11:43 a.m.

I finished Ann Patchett's Run this morning.

Patchett is a wonderful writer, a sensitive observer of people, as anyone who has read her memoir about Lucy Grealy can attest.

The second half of this book felt a bit like a slog, though. Coming off a protracted mystery and non-fiction jag (even that Chabon book I just read is kind of a noir thriller), my attention span could not deal with the light snowfall of uneventful plotting.

As always, I blame society, my ancestors, and Lawrence Block.

Your mileage will almost certainly vary, unless you're impatient like me.

I have a show on Saturday, and I think it's going to be really enjoyable! (For me, anyway. I make no promises for anyone else.)

I and the Virtually Spotless (Ross, Andy, Tom) are playing the EARLY (7:00) set at Parkside, followed by a Buffalo outfit called Mark Norris and the BackPeddlers whose music sounds great (and has been endorsed by several unrelated acquaintances who knew him in Bflo), and then at 9:00 the reliable magic of Mr Tom Warnick and his crew.

No new songs this time around, but our set will differ slightly from last month's Freddy's gig, in case you were in attendance and fear boredom. I am thinking about buying a new shirt, too.

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