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2009-02-23 - 10:49 a.m.

Some thoughts on the Oscars:

  • Dead people montage: totally confusing. Still not sure if Abe Vigoda is still alive. How about Ed Asner?

  • I've already opined in another forum that the actor-to-actor tributes before the big awards seemed weird to me. They felt mostly awkward and kind of insincere, and I found myself wincing on more than one occasion. Plus: it added just one more layer of self-congratulatory, overly-serious bullshit to what should be a light-hearted and fun evening.

    Reminder: these are actors, being rewarded for, ya know, acting--not being lauded for discovering the cure for cancer.

  • People often say that they should cut out the "technical awards" and save the broadcast for just the acting/directing/music and I heartily disagree! I love those other awards! I love seeing "real" people having their big moment and giving tearful humble speeches and getting rewarded for a job well done. That's what distinguishes the Oscars from the Grammys.

  • The Slumdog songs sounded better live than on the sound clips I'd previously heard...So I am less disappointed that Peter Gabriel didn't win for what I think is a very nice song.

  • Except for Sean Penn's eloquent and funny speech, I seem to have missed all the good parts (opening, Philippe Petit, and this brilliant, and then moving, segment), and thus was left with the (perhaps distorted) impression that this was the dullest Oscars in my entire Oscar-watching lifetime.

    Saturday night was really fun! Here are some photos!

    Me and the boyz...


    Some things left in the tip jar...SDC13718


    Mark Norris and his fellas--they had a nice power-pop sound, in the '70s, low-end, Gibson-y sense of power pop, not like today's sunnier version... SDC13723

    Warnick and the World's Fair--his prop du jour was this strip-light thing...



    Good times!

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