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2009-03-05 - 4:56 p.m.

Hey, you can download a whole bunch of free stuff from 50 Foot Wave! Definitely worth your time.

Pete Doherty has two new tracks up on his MySpace page, from his forthcoming solo album, due out next week. They don't sound half-bad, really.

You may or may not recall that I loved the Libertines, and I am not British so I don't have to live with daily news reports about his antics, so Pete doesn't bug me...

Even though I am officially reading Gilead, I have been taking breaks from all the seriousness by gorging on Aimee Bender short stories. The two writers could not be more different, and I admit that I skew a little closer to Aimee's brand of dementia.

OK, I already opined about this on Facebook...but while I can see Dakota Fanning doing an ok job playing Cherie Currie in the Runaways movie, the casting of Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett is just a bad, bad idea.

Who would you cast as Joanie?

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