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2009-03-20 - 4:38 p.m.

Yesterday I was saying that Watchmen didn't stay with me, and part of that was because I was in the midst of watching, finally, Milk, the kind of movie that really does take up residence in one's mind and heart.

I got no fancy-pants things to say, I was just bowled over and inspired.

Gus Van Sant does a great job of capturing the '70s zeitgeist, the look and feel of the era. I love the actual documentary and news footage mixed in with the drama, and the use of key people from the true story as actors, and how the film functions as both a time capsule and a completely relevant comment about our current era.

I like that Harvey Milk is portrayed as a late-bloomer who stumbled into being a hero, charismatic but not power-mad, and yet no false modesty either.

It is just a classic, semi-triumphant tale of revolution, a call to arms.

Of course I went on the inevitable Wiki-spree afterward and I look forward to watching the documentary, too.

I am liking this quiet, shy music from Glorytellers, aka the guy from Karate and Secret Stars plus percussion.

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