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2009-03-30 - 5:05 p.m.

Interesting story about Ian from Ian & Sylvia—apparently the 75-year-old (who is also a rancher--perhaps even a jolly one!) has pretty much lost his old singing voice to erosion and sickness and has had to re-create a new, gruffer song-spiel style.

The thing is, though, it totally works--his new album employs this new Steve Forbert-cum-Tom Waits vocal technique and it suits the songs well.

Look, nineteenth-century toys and games!

This movie Nomadak TX looks cool--its accompanying CD certainly is.

Basically, the Basque musical duo Oreka TX went on a trek with their txalaparta and collaborated with local musicians from India, the Laplands, Mongolia, etc. The results are pretty spine-tingling.

I think I may be (temporarily?) falling out of love with the no-celebrity culture of the intersnertz.

I recently unsubbed from the RSS feed of a blog by a musician whose music i really like, because I couldn't stand reading the long, oft-whiney, and sometimes clumsily-written posts. (Um, no not Courtney Love) (Or Tris!).

I've said things like this before, but I do appreciate a little mystery when it comes to music...

However, I have no problem with the emergency yodel button.

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