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2009-04-08 - 2:52 p.m.

I've mentioned here many times that I appreciate singer/songwriters who explore spiritual themes in their music without coming across as CCM hacks or secret agenda-bearers, and I've discovered another one I like, Kevin Devine (yeah that's spelled with an "e").

His fifth studio album (he's also released an Austin City Limits live album, so I guess he's famous somewhere...) is chock full of ambiguous, often apocalyptic references to prayer, and the fact that you can't tell if he's a believer or not (I mean, I can't, I'm just guessing) adds to the drama of his spare, haunting songs.

He can also write a pretty love song.

I just tried the new variety of Orbit gum called Mist ("...a premium gum that contains Micro-Bursts to deliver a hydrating sensation...") in the "peppermint spray" flavor and holy cow, it is really good!

It tastes like a grandmother's love, like joy in a small lozenge-y stick.

And the packaging is beautiful!

I guess I should mention here that Beefstock was really wonderful this year!

That's some lazy reporting, I know, but many of you were there, and others of you may have seen the photos I posted on Facebook.

Personally, it was good to be up in the country with lots of really nice people, fresh air, great music, tasty organic food, and the feeling that everyone was playing their best. People really shine when there's no pressure to be great. (One of the great paradoxes of performance).

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