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2009-04-14 - 11:32 a.m.

Have you ever....hashed? Would you like to?

Saw Robyn Hitchcock last Saturday at Irving Plaza (which stubbornly insists on calling itself the Fillmore East), and--big surprise!--loved every second of it.

Scot M. and Robyn

Were it not for an advance tip from a fellow Fegmaniac in Nashville, I would have have been shocked by his inclusion of "Vibrating," which is one of my favorite RH songs and one that, inexplicably, he rarely if ever used to play live.

He and the Venus 3 were in great form, very present and committed (despite his cold and some throat problems), and the set was a nice mix of old and new, acoustic solo and rockin'. (And I was lucky to have great company before and after the show)

"...Set aside a time for sitting practice that is especially allocated for that practice. Don't say to yourself, 'Well, I'm going to visit my girlfriend and I have to drive, so on my way to my girlfriend's I'll use driving as my meditation.' That approach to mindfulness becomes too utilitarian, too pragmatic--killing two birds with one stone. 'That way I meditate and I get a chance to see my girlfriend at the end, too.' But something has to be given up somewhere. Some renunciation somewhere is necessary. One stone kills one bird..."

--Chogyam Trungpa

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