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2009-04-17 - 9:24 a.m.

I refrain from talking about politics here, but I'm calling attention to this entire paragraph from Glenn Greenwald, as just a good piece of writing.

In a short space he addresses not just politics but also ethics and a little dab of epistemology. The context is today's post about the torture memos.

"..."Like" and "trust" are sentiments appropriate for one's friends and loved ones, not political leaders. A politician who does something horrible yesterday can do something praiseworthy tomorrow. Generally bad people can do good things (even if for ignoble reasons) and generally good people can do bad things. That's why I care little about motives, which I think, in any event, are impossible to know. Regardless of motives, good acts (releasing the torture memos) should be praised, and bad acts (arguing against prosecutions) should be condemned...."

Remember "terror sex"?

I was surprised the some annoying journalist from the Times style section hadn't started writing hysterically about "recession sex," but then I googled the phrase and sure enough it's an expression already.

But at least it's meant to be humorous. Kinda.

So, if you can enjoy TPOBPAH [MySpace] cuz they sound like what you listened to in 1988, surely you can make room in your heart for The Enemy, whose main strength is sounding exactly like the first two Jam albums. (The singer even has that big-eyed ET look of a young Paul Weller.)

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