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2009-04-28 - 2:20 p.m.

Today's gum news: "Wrigley 5" is a schmancy-pants new sugarless gum in flavors like "Solstice" and "Elixir."

Fans of colored foil--and I am, loud and proud--will be especially pleased.

The varietal called "Lush" tastes like fruit punch mixed with sweat, but I like it. There aren't enough gums that taste like the human body.

The Byzantine world of Italian politics is the setting of the movie bio Il Divo, and while I would recommend brushing up on the topic before watching, it is compelling enough even for the uninitiated.

The film covers one brief period of perpetual parliamentarian Giulio Andreotti's career--an investigation that attempts to tie him in with the Mafia--but from this thin slice of history we get a full picture of the man's character and the nature of personal power.

I've been complaining a lot recently about the mis-use of soundtracks and incidental music in film, but director Paolo Sorrentino gets it just right. The music is an essential element of the story-telling (along with extreme close-ups, multiple perspective flashbacks, weirdly stylized acting) and the original score is very good (although not available in the U.S.)

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