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2009-05-28 - 11:07 a.m.

Dang, it's been fixed, but I noticed last night at about 8:00 PM that the first line of Bob Dylan's Wiki entry read:

"...Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman on May 24, 1941) is an overrated American singer-songwriter, author, poet and painter whose lyrics have a strong impact...."


For those who might miss early Giant Sand, we now have the gentle country-psych dissonance of the Curious Mystery

Hermas Zopoula's album--bizarrely, released on Sufjan's label (maybe because of the Christian-oriented lyrics?)--is really lovely, lilting music from Burkina Faso. It's got two discs--one of somewhat ordinary, full-band soukous, and then the disc I really like which is all acoustic demos recorded in his backyard. Nice stuff, really sweet and honest and intimate and happy.

Life stuff:

Recently, an outstanding student loan of mine was sold to another loan company, which may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a real difference in my quality of living.

My new loan-people are cool. Unlike my previous creditors, they seem to exist in the 21st century--you can make online payments, they actually respond to email (so you don't have to spend 20 minutes on the phone, most of it on hold, at your desk at work, just to ask a simple question), and they have an auto-deduction payment option, too.

They seem to be satisfied with accepting my money without being hostile and shaming on the phone, as the previous folks routinely were.

But best of all, they have this thing where you have to choose an icon (from an assortment of delightfully random and odd images) and a phrase that will appear when you log onto their website, so you know it's really their site and not a phishing venture.

I chose the phrase "I love you," cuz I figure that's a nice thing to hear from your creditors.

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