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2009-06-09 - 3:54 p.m.

Stuff I like today:

  • The new British Sea power album is not a regular rock collection, but rather the new soundtrack to the 1934 pseudodocumentary of the same name. It is rock minimalism at its finest--haunting and sea-worthy, laden with groaning strings and pianos and slide guitar. It is really lovely, and functions as a stand-alone entity apart from the film.

  • Rhett Miller's new one sounds like Matthew Sweet fronting Rockpile. The song "If its Not Love" is the catchiest damn thing I've heard all week. By the second chorus you'll be singing along.

  • The Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Zero" remix EP (on iTunes). I have no use for remixes, but the song is such a great, open canvas and Animal Collective in particular does cool things with Karen O's earthy/heavenly vocals.

  • Holsapple/Stamey's Here & Now album, which sounds like it came from the planet of 1991.

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