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2009-06-12 - 2:06 p.m.

Good friends + good music = healing balm at the culmination of a challenging week.

Thank you, Mr Hitchcock, for your beautiful music. I laughed ("Give it to the Soft Boys"), I cried ("Airscape")

Pink shirt

Thank you Venus 3 for rocking so majestically (ok, granted they don't look so majestic here, particularly Grandpa Pete a-settin' there on his amp. Stand up, guitarist!)

Scott & Robyn

Thank you Bill R. for not having a roadie

Bill Rieflin packs his drums

Thank you Ken Stringfellow for your goofy yet heartfelt stage presence

Ken Stringfellow solo set

Thank you Takka Takka for having good songs and arrangements, and some ol' fashioned passion, which puts you in the 99th percentile of your indie band peers

Takka Takka

Also thank you for having both the drummer and singer wear identical black glasses, which was inexplicably touching

Thank you Andy, Ian, and Liza (and intense stranger-boy in the background) just for being you.

Andy, Ian, Liza

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