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2005-04-03 - 8:24 p.m.

I officially quit the Catholic church, with my parents' full blessing, when I was 9. They were pretty tired of it, too, and jumped ship a little later on.

Nevertheless, I have a residual, mostly abstract affection for the pope, if only because he was Polish and my proud Polish-American grandparents interpreted his papacy as a great PR move for Poles everywhere.

I also liked that he wrote poetry...and that whole forgiveness episode with his would-be assassin was a good move.

So, RIP, big guy.

The 4th Annual Beefstock was great this year: a splendid gathering of NYC area musicians up in the Catskills, at a rustic resort.

The weather was intense, lots of rain and bad flooding that closed down the mountain road we were on, thus trapping folks who only came for one evening, and keeping people away who wanted to get there, some having driven for 4 hours through teeming rain.

But...even with those conditions, it's still refreshing to breathe the clean air, commune with trees, eat great organic food served by non-hostile waiters, and listen to (and play) music for something like 16 hours over two days. Kudos to the Mattina family and the Filosa family for organizing this.

I joined Blockbuster Online in January, seduced by the siren song of two free weeks and in-store coupons. Butcha know what? They suck. Almost every DVD I've ordered has had either a "long wait" or a "short wait," with very few selections available now. I never had that problem with Netflix, plus they were the originals. So I'm converting back to the 'flix. Sorry, 'buster.

More trivia:

Over the past few weeks I've become mildly obsessed with finding a key chain that lights up. I even bought one at the aquarium, but it's kinda lame.

But I found one that looks to be the Cadillac of key chains, and I eagerly await its arrival.

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