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2005-05-08 - 10:54 a.m.

Are there any Bright Eyes fans in the house? I've just listened to Digital Ash... a few times and have concluded that this young man's music is on the dull side. And yet I'm determined to give him another chance. Worth it? Or just asking for trouble?

Not on the dull side: bachelorette party/bridal shower last night for a special gal. I shan't reveal the top-secret details of the evening, but I will say that one portion took place in the new Sing-Sing Karaoke on St. Mark's Place, which is several hundred times nicer than the old one--the private rooms feel more like the banquettes at a nice club, and less like the peep-show booths of yore.

The bride-to-be is the hub of an extraordinary group of friends, and it was quite life-affirming to be amongst 'em, singing and acting for the most part like teenagers w/o a curfew.

Also, and you can call me sexist here, I think women are a lot more fun to hang with when there aren't any guys around. You add a guy to the equation, and we're on our best behavior, nurturers of the world's children and fire-tenders of civilization. No guys around, we become the goofballs we really are.

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