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2005-05-12 - 10:16 a.m.

Went to see 3 Iron by Korean director Kim Ki-duk...It's a lovely, lyrical film that starts out with an intriguing premise: our hero likes to break into people's apartments, lounge around in their bathtubs and pajamas, and then do their laundry and mist their plants. He's an uninvited housesitter, spreading his gentle good vibes around town, and brightening the corners he temporarily inhabits.

But about 20 minutes into the film, it gets a little goofy. For one thing our Christ-like figure's goodness and preternatural calm really irritates The Man, and the cartoon rage of the policemen and jealous husbands and so forth who encounter him is a little off-putting. Then the plot starts to get metaphysical...but not in a good way.

I think I would have loved this film had it been about an hour long, tops, but it really lost me when the basic set-up started to spin out of control.

In happier news, I am enjoying Spoon's new album much more than their last one. It's more organic-sounding, a nice big full warm production, and the songs are really good! Kinda...White Album-y, if you will.

I'm also excited about the Gang of Four's remastered Entertainment!, which has 8 bonus tracks. I can't tell if it actually sounds better, as the last time I heard this record as a whole, it was all a-wobble on my turntable. But I've recently come to think that "Anthrax" and FMac's "Go Your Own Way" would be an excellent mash-up.

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