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2005-10-23 - 7:14 p.m.

Last night was a Red Hook adventure--my charming date and I bussed it to Lillie's to catch Wanda Jackson, not realizing that the website had been wrong and that we'd missed Wanda's performance by 24 hours. We were literally the only customers in the place, but it was fine.

Red Hook was gorgeous last night. The dramatic stormy skyline--unencumbered by tall buildings--looked like a kid's watercolor painting.

It is so close to the water, and so far away from everything else...Red Hook always makes me feel like a merchant marine about to ship off on a whaling vessel, enjoying one last night in the warm bosom of the townsfolk, who wish me well and only want happiness for each other, and to be left alone in their watery, cobblestoned outpost.

We had a few drinks at Lillies, where the bartending staff outnumbered the clientele by one, and then walked over to Sunny's, which instantly became my favorite bar in Brooklyn.

Warm and cozy with that antique smell, Sunny's was a safe harbor in the chilly rain, a place where people go to hunker down for hours.

A small mob in the back room were playing old-timey music and singing, and we were, eerily, greeted by an acquaintance's beautiful PBGV, Lucy, who I'd just been describing to my companion not two days before. She is a warm fuzzy tube of serene love, that Lucy, and she just happened to be hanging out in the bar with her person.

Then today: the aforementioned stamp mega-event, which turned out to be fascinating and stimulating. The highlight for me was the wall-sized display of stamps featuring donkeys, grouped into themes like "Stamps Exploring The Man/Donkey Relationship" and "Stamps Highlighting the Donkey's Inner Qualities."

I bought a sheet of the scientist postage stamps from the USPS kiosk, and admired the stamp tweezers and postage stamp neck ties.

I got that same slightly teary feeling of generalized love for my fellow humans that I get when I see a McDonald's menu made specially for people who can't read.

This world is full of marvels, endlessly hiding and then revealing themselves to us.

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