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2005-11-26 - 11:37 a.m.

When you haven't finished a song in a while, there are all kinds of tricks you have to employ. Yesterday I took the drastic measure of--aaggh--cleaning my apartment and moving some furniture around, so as to create a new cognitive biosphere in which to create.

That did the trick, as I have a couple new songs that are almost done and that I almost like!

I brought home some Christmas CDs from work, to get into the holiday spirit, and so far the one I like best is Linda Ronstadt's Merry Little Christmas, which has a lovely rendition of Joni Mitchell's "River" and some jaw-dropping choral numbers.

Her voice really seems to get better and better--and when she swoops into her upper register, she sounds not unlike Kate Bush. If Linda had been dropped on her head as a baby, maybe she would have had the kind of career that Our Kate has had. That would have been interesting.

And, not in the spirit of Christmas, but fascinating nonetheless is the documentary The Corporation, which I've been watching in installments between bouts of activity.

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