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2006-08-01 - 9:37 p.m.

"...The illest, most futuristic sandwich, ever..."

The Onion ran a funny and kinda accurate piece a while back about how one in 5 American women is training to be a yoga instructor.

I have observed, through the careful tracking of weekly new album releases on both major and indie (and the Orwellian "major indie"--ugh) labels, that roughly 1 in 5 American males under the age of 30 is in a punk, emo, or screamo band. (The other 4 are in metal bands of course.)

And this makes me feel a little woogly, frankly. Punk music is easy to write and play. Anyone can do it, and when so many people are doing it, and you can't distinguish the new bands from the old, or the popular bands from the unsigned, it just feels pointless.

Punk rock wasn't supposed to last forever, it was, among other things, a response to the bloated excess of the 70s. What is it about in 2006?

Anyway, what I'm getting around to is that it is refreshing when a band embodies the energy and ethos of punk and yet still stands apart from the pack, and that is why I am excited about the Heartless Bastards' new album!

Google was no help to me in tracking down a photo I wanted to run of a 60s-mod Shirley MacLaine chatting with the now-ailing and possibly dead Fidel Castro. If anyone knows what I'm a-speakin' of and can help me out, please do so.

I have never been one to balk at high temperatures--hey I used to do Bikram yoga! With long sleeves!--but I have to admit, this li'l heatwave is slowing me down.

The main symptom, for me, of heat-goofiness is that everything seems unbearably funny to me, but not in a way that translates to other humans. I think I finally understand, from the inside, the cliched image of the grinning village crazy person.

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