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2006-09-04 - 5:20 a.m.


So Miff Mole played with Pee Wee Russell and Muggsy Spanier back in the early days of jazz. Anybody else think today's musicians have no imagination when it comes to nicknames?

Ever since becoming a coffee-drinker--10 years or so ago--I've bought the good stuff and never much regretted it. It's worth it to pay for fair trade, and for flavah and freshness.

But a few months ago I decided that, given my budget, I should probably try the cheaper supermarket brands. And I did, and it was fine. Nobody died.

However, yesterday, on a whim, I picked up a bag of Gorilla Coffee, and the scales fell from my eyes, and mouth (ew). I saw colors once again, where for the past two months there'd only been dim hints of black and white.

Brooklyn roasted! Fair trade! And one little bag has an aromatherapeutic effect on my whole apartment.

I shall never go back to crappy coffee. Never!

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