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2006-09-05 - 11:04 a.m.

It seems the term "psychedelic" has been taken over by the likes of Vetiver and Devendra Banhart and elfin girls with harps and squeaky voices, but this band The Purrs is taking the concept back to the Nuggets era.

I like neo-psychedelia-garage (a la the Purrs, or my beloved Green Pajamas) better than a lot of the original stuff, but then again I always prefered these guys to these fellas, so that shows you where my head is at. ("Head," get it?)

Speaking of psychedelia, my ol' china Ian Larchington is hosting a night of psychedelia at Freddy's on Saturday, Sept 16. It's not so much that the bands are psychedlic as that everyone will be covering at least one classic psychedelic song in their set.

I'll be playing as a duo with Ross, and for that night we will be called Inclement Seymour.

The show starts at 8:00, and the line-up will include Dali's Screwdriver, The Larch, Love Camp 7, Liza & The WonderWheels, Plastic Beef, and Swagg.

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