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2007-01-03 - 11:37 a.m.

So to finish off my travelogue, New Year's Eve was lovely. My host and I just ambled around on the beach and the Santa Monica pier, which, at dusk, is a fever dream of lights and people contrasting dramatically with the furious dark ocean behind it, like an angry Old Testament God roaring in the background.

Apparently every Sunday, a war memorial/protest called Arlington West is assembled, and that was quite moving:

We ate an insanely delicious vegan meal at Real Food Daily and reflected on the past year.

It was both the most low-key and most enjoyable New Year's Eve I've had in years.

Other things: I started a Jonathan Carroll novel (pretty good so far), had drinks at Chateau Marmont (nice), saw the worst movie of 2006, took more yoga classes, ate more health food:

And met new friends:

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