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2007-02-27 - 4:49 p.m.

I had to write a short piece about Tom Robinson the other day, and re-discovered this wonderful song that I hadn't even thought about in years:

Dave Herman from WNEW used to play this a lot, and I associate it with getting ready for school in the morning and at the same time being poised to change the station at the mention of "Bruce Juice."

(Herman used to play a Springsteen song--or two, or three--every morning. At the time, Bruce "belonged" to my sister, and thus I feigned distaste for him.)

Back then, I listened to WNEW because that's all there was. I often hated the DJs, hated the music they played, but until I discovered college radio, WNEW was the best option.

I have no idea what it must be like for the current generation of young'uns who basically control their own media. And by that I mean "I have no idea"--I am not hazarding an opinion on whether more options is a good thng or a bad thing or inconsequential.

Mare Winningham has a new Jewish-country album. Apparently she converted to Judaism a few years back. She's got a very pretty voice.

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