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2007-04-22 - 9:19 p.m.

Although sludge-rock ain't my thing (I like sludge, it's the rock I can't stand), this NYC-based band Priestbird has a pretty impressive grasp of several related and unrelated styles, including strings-laden psychedelia and urgent trench-coat-y prog-rock.

Went dancing at Rififi last night ("Subway Soul" night) and had my usual Rififi experience: the initial excitement about dancing at a club for free, to really good music, wears off by the third song or so, when it sinks in how tinny the sound system is there. For '60s soul especially, which is trebly and kinda thin to begin with, the overall effect is like dancing in someone's rec room, to their parents' "hi-fi" contraption. You really have to be in the right mood, or with the right crowd, to have a good time.

However, right before that the K's played a great set at the Parkside, so the evening was not a loss.

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