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2007-06-22 - 11:25 p.m.

Went to Green-Wood Cemetery to see the P-land folks. The sound in the chapel was not optimal, but the band played well, and the setting is so picture perfect: gothic peaks and sprawling greenery and rolling hills. 'Twas a refreshing and beautiful evening.

From the Department of Books I Gave Up On, But Who Knows, You May Like Them:

I read Simon Napier-Bell's music industry memoir and didn't get too far.

This is the kind of exposť I don't enjoy reading--gossipy and depressing. After having read Andy Summers's and Ian Hunter's well-written, reflective books--neither of which forgets to celebrate and appreciate music--it's a comedown to read stuff like this. But, fwiw, it's well-written and does describe the history of the music industry, if that's your thang.

And I couldn't resist trying out Stephen King's son's book--not only his first fiction but named after a Nirvana song, hey! and also having to do with the rock music.

Er, however...It's not that it's badly written at all, it just occurred to me that "horror" is probably my least favorite genre (right behind Nordic saga and sports autobiographies).

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