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2007-08-06 - 11:28 a.m.

Surprising things Iíve felt within the past 24 hours:

1) Incident: Watching the first 15 minutes of this movie

Response: Mild revulsion, emptiness, where once was delight

Explanation: Getting drunk and having sex with strangers--in New Jersey!--no longer seems like a wacky, life-affirming thing but depressing instead.

2) Incident: Thinking about Sean Penn and Madonna for some reason

Response: A moment of reflective, bittersweet sadness

Explanation: Clearly, no one has ever loved Madonna like Sean Penn did!

3) Incident: Having to jump out of the way of a truck that ran a red light on Varick Street this morning

Response: Laughter.

Explanation: Adrenalin and also: the truck was from Bimmyís: Food Made With Love, and the side panel of the truck features a magical, non-threatening, pansexual spokesthing; I figure that even if I was killed, that little guy would have taken the edge off. Bimmyís!

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